Power To Tell Your Story

LifeZynth is a Social Media platform where you can share your life and tell your story.


Everybody Has a Story.

What's Yours?

Start Telling it for Free!

Capture your meaningful moments

Other social networks are about sharing content.

LifeZynth is about capturing and sharing priceless moments.

Breathe life into your pictures by adding the stories that make them meaningful to you.

Upload and keep all your pictures together in one place.

Organize your pictures in a useful way using albums.

Use them as the building blocks for the full story of your life.

All of your pictures are saved in their original quality.

Tell Your Story

Other social networks are about building a following.

LifeZynth is about building and sharing your life story.

Curate your story with words and pictures of your choice.

Provides the opportunity for others to understand who you are.

Leave your mark upon the world, and be remembered the way you want.

LifeZynth believes that you are significant and that Your Story matters.

Experience greater Privacy controls

Other social networks treat privacy as an option.

LifeZynth believes your privacy is a right.

All your information is automatically private until you decide to share.

You have full control of your personal information.

Share what you want, when you want, if you want.

Enjoy Features exclusive to LifeZynth

Gift Page

Follower - Following

Complete My Story


Powerful Searches

Multiple pictures; One story


A new and innovative feature not found on ANY other social media site.

Gift any page to anyone that is following you.

They receive the page with all of the pictures, stories, comments, and even followers

Even after you gift the page, you can keep a copy for yourself.

Easily see how you are connected with others.

A Green arrow indicates you are following them.

A Blue arrow indicates they are following you.

Blue and Green arrows indicate you are following each other.

A different kind of Comment.

Use for moments you have shared with another.

Add more to their story.

Automatically arranges your pictures chronologically.

Take a stroll down memory lane & go back in time.

Tag your pictures and posts to easily find later.

Easily search and filter you posts.

Easily search and filter your pictures.

Easily search for people, your followers, or those you are following.

Group pictures together that share the same story.

Save time by uploading multiple pictures rather than one at a time.

A special filter in your posts.

Easily see all your posts and pictures followers have appreciated, commented, or completed your story.

Easily see all the posts and pictures you have appreciated, commented or completed their story.